Done Deals - Fashion
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Company Address Broker
Ted Baker 231 West 39th Street 8th Floor Jonathan Anapol
Calvin Clothing Company 63 West 38th Street 10th Floor Jonathan Anapol
Galt Industries 655 Madison Avenue, 24th floor Jonathan Anapol
Rebecca Taylor 307 west 36th street 15th Scott Bennett
Trish McEvoy 5 East 57th Street 5th Floor Jonathan Anapol
Lydell Jewelry / Hullin Metz & Co. 3 West 35th Street 10th Floor Jonathan Anapol
Sam & Lori 589 8th Avenue 18th Fl Jonathan Anapol
Skip Hop, Inc. 50 West 23rd Street 10th floor ( rear elevator) Jonathan Anapol
Christopher Peacock Cabinety 222 East 59th Street, 5th Floor William McCollum
Crawford Creations 8 west 36th Street 7th Floor Scott Bennett
L'Fay Bridal 215 E. 58th Street, Suite 6B Scott Bennett
Manrico 230 west 39th Street, 11th Floor Scott Bennett
Everlast Worldwide 42 West 39th Street 3rd Floor Jonathan Anapol
Gem Stone King Inc 241 W. 37th Street, 718 Todd J. Abrams
Samuel Botero Associates 215 East 58th Street Todd J. Abrams
Induchem 535 Fifth Avenue, Entire 23rd Scott Bennett
Jack Menz 320 5th Avenue Jonathan Anapol
New York Stone Trading LLC 15 West 36th Street Jonathan Anapol
Ikon Clothing Co. / N.U.I.D. Clothing 1407 Broadway Suite 1708 Jonathan Anapol
#1 Textiles, Ltd. 1412 Broadway Jonathan Anapol
Toby NYC 34 West 33rd Street Suite 1201 Prime Manhattan
Warren Stone - Marina Belyayeva 1411 Broadway Jonathan Anapol
JPV Design Group 350 Fifth Avenue Suite #7301 Jonathan Anapol
Second Generation Garment Mfg, Inc. 1407 Broadway Suite # 1618 Jonathan Anapol
Gafa Inc. 40 W. 38th Street 2nd Floor Prime Manhattan
Natasha International 226 West 37th Street 5th Floor Jonathan Anapol
Prairie NY 39 West 38th Street 9th Floor Jonathan Anapol
BanxQuote Inc. 60 East 42nd Street Jonathan Anapol
Unique Sourcing International Ltd. 1359 Broadway Suite #1506 Jonathan Anapol
J.A.Z. Inc. 42 West 38th Street Suite 202 Scott Bennett
The Feather Place, Inc 40 West 38th Street 3rd Floor Prime Manhattan
T - Shirts Originals LTD 257 west 39th street Scott Bennett
Safine Silk 7 West 36th Street, 4th Floor-rear Prime Manhattan
Signal Apparell Group 307 West 38th Street Suite 1412 Scott Bennett
Cotton Heavy 431 N.Oak Street Scott Bennett
Versani 152 Mecer Street Jonathan Anapol
Sunrise Clothing Group 1407 Broadway Scott Bennett
Thai Magic Cool Jewels 303 Fifth Avenue Scott Bennett
Solo Ella .Com 240 West 35th Street 12th Floor Scott Bennett
KWI incorpeoated 214 west 39th Street 2nd Floor Scott Bennett
Caroline Amado 15 West 37th Street Jonathan Anapol
Ramee Boutique 277 Broadway On Chambers Jonathan Anapol
Blue Falls Apparel Company 350 Fifth Avenue Suite 4215 Scott Bennett
Juven's Inc. 1400 Broadway Suite 800 Jonathan Anapol
Ank International Inc. 552 Seventh Avenue 5th Floor Scott Bennett
Yan's Collection Inc. 39 West 32nd Street Stanley J. Piesh
Bagir 350 5th Avnue Suite #2525 Scott Bennett
Keshishian 24 west 57th street 303 Scott Bennett
Hend Fashion Corp. 277 Broadway ground floor Jonathan Anapol
Cosmo Street 2036 Broadway Scott Bennett
Berger & Stevens Associates, Inc. 530 Seventh Avenue 5th floor - Suite #507 Jonathan Anapol
Sanei-International CO. Ltd 80 West 40th Street 3rd Floor Stanley J. Piesh
Berkley Shirt Company 350 5th Avenue Suite 2512 Jonathan Anapol
Zuller & Bondy 1333 Broadway Suite 905 Prime Manhattan
Jim Perone / Peny Rosenburger 1333 Broadway # 720 Stanley J. Piesh
NATM Buying Corp 450 Seventh Avenue Suite 1309 Prime Manhattan
Block Sportswear Inc. 333 S. Grand Avenue Suite # 2020 Jonathan Anapol
Wicked Fashions,Inc. 140 Kero Road Scott Bennett
Top Choice 240 West 35th 302 /ok Jonathan Anapol
Romeo & Juliete Inc. 38 East 57th Street 3rd floor Stanley J. Piesh
Joseph Marks Sports 36 West 44th Street Suite 910 Scott Bennett
Pelle Pelle 330 W. 38th Street Suite 1001/1011 Scott Bennett
Zondo - Ecclisi 7 West 36th Street 12th floor Prime Manhattan
Rags To Ritches 570 7th ave Suite #1900 Jonathan Anapol
Gabriel Manufacturing 1359 Broadway Suite 1500 Jonathan Anapol
Modeani of New York Inc. 330 W. 38th Street 4th Floor Scott Bennett
Crown clothing Corp. 530 7th avenue 909 Scott Bennett
Morgan Fashions 589 8th Avenue 20th Floor Scott Bennett
Jon Simon 340 west 39th street 10th floor Scott Bennett
Indigo Designs 104 W 27th Street 11A Prime Manhattan
Summit Knitting 875 Avenue of Americas Suite 1001 Jonathan Anapol
Carlos Bianchi 150 East 58th Street 34th Floor William McCollum
Michael Utevsky 545 Madison Avenue 15th Floor William McCollum
Pacific Star 48 west 38th Street 4th floor Scott Bennett
Brukvin Imports 38 East 32nd Street 9th Floor Stanley J. Piesh
Fabrique Inovations 48 West 38th Street 4th Floor Scott Bennett
Dave Westra 1384 Broadway William McCollum
Hand Me Down NYC 255 west 36th Street 1201 Scott Bennett
Hartz & Co 250 W 57th Street Suite 1720 Jonathan Anapol
Adrienne Landau 519th 8th Avenenue 21st Floor Scott Bennett
Dream Zone Fashions 255 West 36th Street 1205 Scott Bennett
Neo Design Group 12 W 31 8th Floor Prime Manhattan
Jerry Weinberg 3 East 54th Street 9th Floor William McCollum
7 West Accessories, Inc. 389 Fifth Avenue 5th floor Jonathan Anapol
The Baddish Group 36 West 38th Street Fifth Floor William McCollum
TGP Associates Inc 255 West 36th Street 1101 Scott Bennett
Roma 340 West 39t h Street 5th Floor Scott Bennett
2 kemp Inc. 215 West 40th Street 6th Floor Scott Bennett
Design Italia 237 west 35th #801 Prime Manhattan
Garneau Inc. 525 Seventh Avenue 7TH Floor Jonathan Anapol
Rebecca & Drew Manufacturing   William McCollum
Fashion Concepts Inc. 519 8th avenue 5th floor south Scott Bennett
The Colorfield 252-258 West 37th Street 18th Floor Prime Manhattan
Future Paradise,Inc 255 west 36th Street 15th Floor Scott Bennett
Edicate Ltd. 519 8th avenue 19th floor south Scott Bennett
Lisa K Design 2373 Broadway William McCollum
Imma LLC. 247 west 36th street 5th Scott Bennett
Robin Baron 7 West 36th Street Scott Bennett
Denmoss 225 west 37th 17th floor Scott Bennett
518 Apparel 183 Madison 1400 Scott Bennett
Mischen LLC 230 west 39th Street 3rd floor Scott Bennett
Aalfs Manufacturing Inc. 231 West 39th Street Suite 915 William McCollum
Primetex 1 Penn Station Plaza Scott Bennett
Prestige Footwear 1350 Broadway Suite 1505 William McCollum
Amici 39 west 37th Street 2nd Floor Jonathan Anapol
Cody Design 260 west 39th Street 6th Floor Scott Bennett
Bay Creek USA 8 west 36th street 7th floor Scott Bennett
Glazer Imports 8 East 12th Street Apt. #10 Jonathan Anapol
T.G.R Footwear Company 135 west 36th street 19th floor Scott Bennett
Gotha Cosmetics 110 Greene Street William McCollum
Corinne McCormack 7 west 36th Street 9th floor Jonathan Anapol
Savvy Fashion Handbags 133 West 30th Street Ground Floor William McCollum
Textile Imports 1410 Broadway 22nd floor Jonathan Anapol
Do Denim LLC 260 west 39th Street Part 11th Scott Bennett
Design Bureaux 180 Varick Street Suite 1118 Prime Manhattan
Bochi 12 West 57th Street , Suite 806 Prime Manhattan
Executive Color Systems 42 west 39th Street Entire 16th Floor Scott Bennett
Soxland 7 West 36th Street 7th Floor Jonathan Anapol
Dimensions Boutique 185 Franklin Street 3rd Floor Jeff Hersh
Blanshay Designs 263 West 38th St Partial 12th Floor Prime Manhattan
Archangel 260 West 39th Street Part 15th floor Jonathan Anapol
Tractor 250 West 39th Street #603 Jonathan Anapol
AKA Mystique Accessories LLC 389 Fifth Aveue 4th floor Jonathan Anapol
Imma 237 west 37th Street Suit 301 Scott Bennett
F+437:739 141 West 36th Street 4th Floor Jonathan Anapol
Gunit 225 West 39th street 12th floor Jonathan Anapol
Tractor International Inc. 250 West 39th Street Suite 603 Jonathan Anapol
TMW Textile Corp. 566 Sventh Avenue # 803 Jonathan Anapol
Kennith Cole, Bedford Sportswear 58 West 40th Street 12th Floor /ok Prime Manhattan
Jim Helm / JLM Couture 525 Seventh Avenue Suite #1703 Jonathan Anapol
Zuma Sportswear Inc. 1411 Broadway Suite #1600A Jonathan Anapol
The American Fabrics Company 450 Seventh Avenue Suite 963 Jonathan Anapol
Greenwave - Match 112 W. 9th Street Suite 314 Jonathan Anapol
Jack George Inc. 320 5th Avenue Jonathan Anapol
Accessories That Matter 320 Fifth Avenue Suite 609 Jonathan Anapol
Inxs 392 Fifth Avenue Suite #1107 Jonathan Anapol
Barbara Koto Inc. 501 Seventh Avenue Suite 206 Jonathan Anapol