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Company Address Broker Assigned
Consulate of Guyana 307 West 38th Street Jonathan Anapol
Blade Fencing Equipment 245 West 29th Street Store PMR
Discovery Copy Services 45 West 45th Street Suite #206 Jonathan Anapol
Community College Week 350 Fifth Avenue 1215 Jonathan Anapol
Cathoderay Club 130 West 57th Street Suite 14C PMR
NYC Transit 481 Eight Avenue # 732 and # 733 Stanley J. Piesh
Florishop 330 west 38th Street Suite 202 Scott
Wedding Group one 375 West broadway 2nd Scott
One Spirit Learning Alliance 330 West 38th Street Suite 1500 Scott
ACFEA Tour Consultants Seattle Washington Jonathan Anapol
Elegance Day Spa 124 E 40th Street Suite 904A PMR
Manhattan Bridge Club 250 West 57th Street 14th Floor Stanley J. Piesh
Docuclub 122 East 42nd Street     William
Homeland Saftey 40 Exchange Place part 3 PMR
Business Travel International, Inc 350 Fifth Avenue 41st Floor PMR
Kon-Tiki Tours & Travel, Inc 137 Varick 4th PMR
Skylink Travel 15 West 36th Street Jonathan Anapol
The Food Group 589 8TH AVENUE 4TH fLOOR Scott
Ted Conferences LLC 55 Vandam 16th fl PMR
TED Conferences 55 Vandam 16th fl PMR
The Journey Church 321 west 44th Street 203a Scott
PZD, Iinc. 532 Madison Avenue Third Floor William
Park Ave PT & Sports 276 5th Avenue Suite 202 Jeff
American Fertility Services,PC 115 east 57th Street 500 Scott
O Lighting 40 Walker Street Ground Floor William
Sogecos Spa 55 Fifth Ave Partial 17th Floor PMR
Pre Play Sports 37 East 28th Street Suite 302 Jeff
Laser Cosmetica 18 West 23rd Street 2nd Floor William
Sunny Days Early Childhood Developmental Services, Inc. 450 7th Avenue Suite 408 Jeff
I Love Kickboxing 149 West 27th 1st Floor Jeff
White Pine Diamonds 535 Fifth Ave 18th Floor PMR
Cambridge Corporate Services 261 11th Ave Building 17, 4th Fl.  Jeff
Triple Z Postal 172 West 4th Street Store # 3 Jeff
Gemesis Diamond Company 28 West 44th Suite 1204 PMR
Dasan Inc. 54 West 39th Street 8th floor Jonathan Anapol
Pure Barre 1841 Broadway Jonathan Anapol
Institute For Higher Learning 271 Madison Ave Suite 1007 Sharon
The Honors Bridge Club 133 East 58th Street 14th floor Stanley J. Piesh
Online Trading Academy 42 Broadway 2nd Floor William
Institute For Higher Learning 271 Madison Ave Suite 1007 Sharon
Travel Holdings 275 Madison Avenue Scott