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Commercial Condo

Owning a commercial condo for your business is a very smart decision and a profitable real estate investment. Many successful entrepreneurs and investors purchase commercial condos as a business strategy. They increase the value of their business as well as their portfolio.

The advantages are not dissimilar to those that prompted the launch of the residential real estate boom several years ago where by equity ownership with tax advantages-- often mean that for little more than the rent paid, A business owner can become a investor in the real estate market.

As a result, some professionals are launching into these kinds of deals--attorneys, accountants, architects, designers and a host of small- and medium-sized businesses. In Manhattan, prices range from $500 per square foot for a bare-bones loft space to $1,200, of even $2,000, per square foot for prime ground-floor storefronts in the trendy SoHo shopping neighborhood.

Of course you don't go into this necessarily to sell the next day and make a killing.

But while you are there, you reap the benefits of whatever happens in the market.