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Selecting a law office space presents a unique challenge, especially in New York City. Every law firm knows that making a strong first impression is very important. Accordingly, firms seeking prestigious clients tend to choose impressive class A law office space. Of course, not all law office space for rent in Manhattan is geared toward the high end of the market. Other than personnel expenses, Law firm office space tends to be a legal practice’s highest expense.

In Manhattan, law office space for lease is available from 60th Street to Battery Park. If you are looking for an impressive, high-end law firm office space with amenities like polished wood paneling and great views, you’re best off choosing an office already built to your specifications, significantly reducing renovation costs. Outfitting law office space for up-market firms is almost always very expensive. Mid and down-market firms can save money by choosing some of the more humble law office space for lease in New York, which includes many class B and class C offerings.

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