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Prime Manhattan Realty is a boutique full-service commercial real estate firm to with an unparalleled understanding of the New York office market. If you are searching for a New York office, we have the tools and the expertise to help you meet all of your goals. We will work tirelessly to help you identify and secure the ideal office space.

Why choose a New York office?

New York office space is some of the country's most in-demand commercial real estate. Because commercial spaces are so sought after, they don't come cheap and securing them is a major process. So why bother with an NYC office? There are countless reasons. New York is the world's city, a buzzing economic and cultural center unlike any other. A office puts gives your organization instant access to all New York has to offer: an overachieving workforce, a powerful commercial culture, lightning-fast exchange of ideas, proximity to major financial markets and more.

Your office will inspire your employees and investors, generating excitement about your organization. In today's world you can do business anywhere. But there is no substitute for an office in Manhattan.