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Gramercy, also called Gramercy Park, is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan, focused around Gramercy Park, a private park between East 20th and 21st Streets at the foot of Lexington Avenue. The area is named for a stream which meandered like a 'crooked little knife,' or 'Crom messie' in old Dutch ('Krom mesje').

Roughly speaking, Gramercy is bound by 14th Street, First Avenue, 30th Street, and Broadway. Some consider its northern boundary to be 23rd Street, and consider the area north of 23rd Street to be Rose Hill, though the usage of Rose Hill has never entered the popular lexicon. Others refer to the area north of 23rd Street as Curry Hill. Today, the northern boundary of Gramercy more likely meets the Murray Hill section of Midtown at around 30th Street. To the west is the Flatiron District and Union Square, to the south the East Village, and to the east Stuyvesant Town.

Gramercy, particularly the area immediately around Gramercy Park itself, is generally perceived to be a quiet area, safer than many other parts of the city. Gramercy Park is a private park, to which only people residing around the park have a key. The public is otherwise only allowed in the park one day a year. The actor James Cagney once lived in one of the buildings on Gramercy Park South (East 20th Street), as did Margaret Hamilton, who played the Wicked Witch of the West the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz. Amanda Peet grew up on the park. Many actors, actresses and artists live in the district including Jimmy Fallon of Saturday Night Live, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and Rufus Wainwright. Due to the beauty and exclusivity of the park as well as the National Arts Club and The Players' Club located on its south side, it is not uncommon to recognize a face or two.

President Theodore Roosevelt was born in Gramercy.

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Gramercy Real Estate Guide

Locale Subway
6 Train at 23rd Street

Post Office
Post Office, 149 E 23rd St., New York, NY 10010

Police Precinct
NYPD Midtown South Precinct, 357 West 35th Street, New York, NY, 10001 (212) 239-9811

Gramercy Restaurants
AZ: Think pan-Asian fusion is so last decade? AZ will change your mind.
21 W. 17th St. between Fifth and Sixth Aves.; 212-691-8888 or

Artisanal: If cheese is a religion, this is its bustling, Balthazar-gone-midtown house of worship.
2 Park Ave. at 32nd St.; 212-725-8585

Patria: Spicy Latin American fare in a festive, high-energy atmosphere.
250 Park Ave. South at 20th St.; 212-777-6211 or

Terrance Brennan: In a modern twist on the traditional chop house, meat and seafood are accessorized with your choice of sauces and butters.
565 Lexington Ave. at 50th St.; 212-715-2400

Gramercy Nightlife
Bread Bar at Tabla: Designer cocktails to go with designer food.
11 Madison Ave. at 25th; St. 212-889-0667

Dorsia: NYC's best new tribute to the go-go nineties.
5 E 19th St. at Fifth Ave.; 212-420-8636

The Bar Gramercy Park: NYC's best up-from-the-ashes bar, in the Gramercy Park Hotel.
2 Lexington Ave. at 22nd St. 212-475-4320

Old Town Bar: Classic Flatiron saloon with some of the best burgers in the city.
45 E. 18th St. between Broadway and Park Ave. South; 212-529-6732

Gramercy Area Scene
If you travel to one neighborhood of New York City to look at art, you travel to Flatiron. Flatiron galleries are world famous for their interesting finds and shows of upcoming artists. Galleries line the west Flatiron streets between 20th and 28th Streets. Some of the most famous galleries include the Gagosian Gallery on West 24th, the Matthew Marks Gallery on West 22nd, and the Sonnabend on West 22nd. If you have a serious interest in art, plan a trip to visit all the galleries in Flatiron.

Gramercy Statistics
Population: 47,197
Average Age: 39
Median Income: $111,949