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About Upper East Side, Yorkville, Lenox Hill - NYC

Upper East Side is the neighborhood surrounded by Upper East Side to the west, the Flatiron District to the north, Greenwich Village to the south, and Gramercy to the east. The Upper East Side Park, located between 14th Street and 17th Street is the central landmark of the Upper East Side neighborhood. The area has a wide range in available commercial real estate spaces. From new modern buildings such as the Zeckendorf Towers on the east side of the park to older town houses and loft spaces scattered throughout the neighborhood, Upper East Side commercial real estate offerings are diverse.

Usually associated with old money, the Upper East Side is a picturesque area of stunning architecture, museum mile, bountiful cafes and designer boutiques. At night the area is somewhat desolate, with only a handful of bars, which often cater to the science students of nearby Rockefeller University. Park avenue may be the stereotype for the classiest residences, but the real impressive townhouses can be found in the East 70s. Don’t let the expensive shops and bevy of tiny dogs intimidate you. In recent years the area has become a little less uptight. The “ladies that lunch” have been joined by young professionals, couples and students and other areas in Manhattan have become “hot spots”. Enjoy a walk in Central Park or a visit to one of New York’s finest museums- the Upper East Side still firmly hangs onto the tradition of classy old New York.

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East Side Manhattan Real Estate Guide

Locale Subway
4 / 5 / 6 Trains at 125th Street, 86th Street, 59th Street, 42nd Street Grand Central

Police Precinct
19th Precinct, 153 E. 67th Street - Phone 212-452-0600

24-Hour Pharmacies
CVS 24-hour Pharmacy, 630 Lexington Ave @ E 53rd Street New York, NY 10022 (across from CitiCorp Building) - Phone: (917) 369-8688
CVS 24-hour Pharmacy, 1396 2nd Ave @ E 72nd Street New York, NY 10021 - Phone: (212) 249-5975
Duane Reade 24-hour Pharmacy, 1279 3rd Ave @ E 74th Street New York, NY 10021 - Phone: (212) 744-2668
CVS 24-hour Pharmacy, 1622 3rd Ave @ E 91st Street New York, NY 10128 - Phone: (212) 876-7016

D'agostino Supermarkets Inc. 1074 Lexington Ave. New York, New York 10021 - Phone 212-988-8813
Food Emporium, 1211 Madison Avenue New York, New York 10128 - Phone 212-831-3210

Upper East Side Restaurants
Atlantic Grill, 1341 Third Ave., between 76th and 77th Streets - Phone 212-988-9200
Cafe Boulud, 20 E. 76th St., between Fifth and Madison Avenues - Phone 212-772-2600
Carvão, 1477 Second Ave., at 77th Street - Phone 212-879-4707
Coco Pazzo, 23 East 74th St., between Fifth and Madison Avenues - Phone 212-794-0205
Elaine's, 1703 2nd Avenue - Phone 212-534-8103
Eli's, 1411 Third Ave., between 80th and 81st Streets - Phone 212-717-8100
The Post House, 28 E. 63rd St., in the Lowell Hotel, between Park and Madison Avenues - Phone 212-935-2888
Serendipity 3, 225 E. 60th St., between Second and Third Avenues - Phone 212-838-3531

Upper East Side Nightlife
The Auction House, 300 E. 89th St., between First and Second Avenues - Phone 212-427-4458
Baraonda, 1439 Second Ave. at 75th Street - Phone 212-288-8555
Big City Bar & Grill, 1600 Third Ave., at 90th Street - Phone 212-369-0808
Session 73, 1359 First Ave., at 73rd Street - Phone 212-517-4445
Trinity Pub, 229 E. 84th St., between Second and Third Avenues - Phone 212-327-4450

Upper East Side Area Scene
With many exclusive luxury apartments in co-ops and condos along Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue, there are also many beautiful townhouses that line the narrower streets. More reasonably priced apartments and homes can be found closer to the river. Madison Avenue is host to some of the city's toniest shopping including glamorous designer clothing stores such as Armani, Ralph Lauren and Gianni Versace. And throughout the area, there is no shortage of places to eat. Chic, sleek trendsetting restaurants alternate with warm ethnic nooks. Before or after an expedition along Madison Avenue or Museum Mile, you can easily satisfy any craving from among the myriad cuisines, yummy delights and noshing possibilities throughout the Upper East Side.

Upper East Side Statistics
Population: 60,000
Average Age: 38
Median Income: $68,478