Done Deals - William McCollum
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Frenkel International
20 Broad Street 8th Floor
Engel & Voelkers Holdings US Inc
430 Park Avenue, 11th Floor
Online Trading Academy
42 Broadway 2nd Floor
Urban Engineers
350 Fifth Avenue Suite 6024
Trahan Architects
180 Varick Street, Suite 506
Christopher Peacock Cabinety
222 East 59th Street, 5th Floor
JapanInvest Inc.
405 Lexington Avenue
Fairway Investments
551 Madison Avenue
Paul Giacomo
150 East 58th Street 34th Floor
RTW Funds
1350 Sixth Avenue Suite 2801
Altpoimt Capital
712 Fifth Avenue 50th Floor
Weston Capital Group
150 East 58th Street 14th Floor
Eleanor Capogrosso
122 East 42nd Street Suite 1616
Meier, Francino & Scher
570 Lexington Avenue 26th Floor
Sullivan, Manarel & Paige, LLP
1350 Broadway 10th Floor
Harnik & Finkelstein
623 Fifth Avenue, 24th Flr
Radulescu LLP
350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 6910
Oliver Schrott Kommunications
122 East 42nd Street Suite 1512
International Corporate Consultants
509 Madison Avenue Suite #612
Fred Shotkin
488 Madison Avenue 16th Floor
Murray & Hollander
545 Madison Avenue 15th Floor
Knightsbridge Advisors
275 Madison Avenue Suite 2300
Lux Gem Corp
441 Lexington Avenue
Andrew Hayes
One Rockefeller Plaza 10th Floor
Lord Cultural Resources
145 Sixth Avenue Suite 6A
City Elevator
1384 Broadway, 21st Flr
Burgess Yachts
111 East 61st Street, 3rd Flr
Samba Brands Management
17 East 16th Street, second Floor
Greater New York AL-ANON Family Intergroup
350 Broadway
Liberty Title
300 Garden City Plaza #404
122 East 42nd Street
PZD, Iinc.
532 Madison Avenue Third Floor
O Lighting
40 Walker Street Ground Floor
Laser Cosmetica
18 West 23rd Street 2nd Floor
Rani Zakhem Designs
30 West 21st Street
71 West 23rd Street, Suite 903
Buckley & Fudge
225 Broadway Suite 2600
Carlos Bianchi
150 East 58th Street 34th Floor
Michael Utevsky
545 Madison Avenue 15th Floor
Dave Westra
1384 Broadway
Jerry Weinberg
3 East 54th Street 9th Floor
The Baddish Group
36 West 38th Street Fifth Floor
Rebecca & Drew Manufacturing
Lisa K Design
2373 Broadway
Aalfs Manufacturing Inc.
231 West 39th Street Suite 915
Prestige Footwear
1350 Broadway Suite 1505
Gotha Cosmetics
110 Greene Street
Savvy Fashion Handbags
133 West 30th Street Ground Floor
Barry Zungree
630 Fifth Avenue 20th Floor
NYKC Currency
599 Lexington Avenue Suite 2300
Oak Associates, LTD
42 Madison Avenue
First Financial Inc.
152 Madison Avenue 15th Floor
Dominion Capital Management LLC
22 7th Street NE
Naok Equities
39 Broadway
Weston Financial Group
64 Fifth Avenue, Apt 42DE
Menz, Bonner & Komar LLP
350 Park Avenue 25th Floor
Edward Westfield, P.C.
274 Madison Avenue 25th Floor
Richard Horodeck
40 East 88th Street Apt 10E
Crosby & Higgins
18 East 41st Street
Coburn Greenberg
285 West Broadway Suite 200
Murray Hill Chiropractic P.C.
271 Madison Avenue 16th Floor
Berry & Associates
551 Madison Avenue Suite 402
Pat D'Antonio & Associates, Inc.
261 West 35th Street Suite 503
Evan Berger
1201 Broadway
Ernest Callipari
805 Third Avenue
Aspen Marketing Services, Inc.
1240 North Avenue
Video Egg
156 Fifth Avenue 12th Floor
Verse Music group
134 West 25th 5th Floor
Crenshaw Communications
36 West 20th Street, 5th Floor
MJ Wyatt
685 Third Avenue
Donna Glasgow
444 Madison Avenue Suite 701
FMV Opinions
60 East 42nd Street Suite 1222
Aspen Marketing Services, Inc.
901 Broadway
EuroAmerican, Inc.
12 West 27th Street
Millenium Travel Consultant
P.O. Box 436
420 Lexington Avenue
Maxim Schmidt
5 Hanover Square
Harold Sommers
150 East 58th Street 34th Floor
Sjal, Inc.
101 West 55th Street, Suite 13F
Frank Salzano
149 Fifth Avenue
Ross Zeltzer
1251 Sixth Avenue 8th Floor
Ryerson Tull
516 Fifth Avenue 8th Floor
Cynthia Dade
50 East 42nd Street
Julie Morgenstern, Inc.
850 Seventh Avenue
733 Third Avenue
Resource Center
230 Fifth Avenue
Saritej Diam
516 Fifth Avenue Suite 1001
13 West 36th Street 3rd Floor
Head & Company, L.L.C
122 East 42nd Street
Signature Cycles
80 West End Avenue 2nd Floor
145 West 30th Street 7th Floor
Broadreach Medical Resources
1350 Broadway Suite 410
Interstate Commercial Real Estate
9 East 40th Street 9th Floor
Peter McKay
250 West 57th Street Suite 2217
MD Land
15 East 32nd Street 2nd Floor
COMGroup Inc.
44 West 28th Street 8th Floor
The Hartman Group
145 West 45th Street, Suite 1100
The Northstar Group
363 Seventh Avenue 6th Floor
CWA Local 1101
275 Seventh Avenue, 17th Floor
Damu Design LLC
133 West 33rd Street, Unit 14A
Flomenhaft Gallery
547 West 27th Street Suite 200
Conti Enterprises Inc.
40 Exchange Place Part 20
Infranco Moore
584 Broadway Suite 603
Mann Realty Associates
1776 Broadway 23rd