Additional Leasing Info

Building Category

Office spaces are classified as A, B or C based on a number of factors including the building’s age, location, functionality and the level of amenities offered. While there are no exact guidelines for determining a building’s classification, the following general descriptions apply.

Class A Office Space

The Class A building category encompasses the best offices available in a location. Class A office space is fully updated and modernized, offering the highest level of services and amenities. A Class A office is located in the most in-demand area in a city, attracting upscale tenants who can afford higher rents. Accordingly, Class A office buildings tend to be architecturally significant and technologically advanced.

Class B Office Space

Class B buildings are of very good quality, located well and offer a strong level of functionality. In comparison with Class A office space, class B offices are usually older and slightly less up-to-date, with fewer ultra-modern amenities. With renovation and technological investment, a class B facility can be upgraded to Class A office.

Class C Office Space

The Class C building category designates office spaces more than 25 years old with no renovations. Generally, these buildings are located in less desirable areas, offering few amenities and no-frills aesthetics. Consequently, class C offices are the most affordable, catering to start-ups and small businesses.